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Monday, 18 May 2015 14:31

Easter fun walk pays off

It has been involved with feeding, caring and placing orphaned children with foster mothers for the last 33 years. There are currently 12 houses with a capacity of four to six children and one mother in each.


MBOMBELA – During March children and adults in the Lowveld had the opportunity to literally Take a Step with the Easter Bunny fun walk, with one sole purpose – to raise money for needy kids.


This year the Jinda Child and Youth Care Centre was at the receiving end of the fund-raiser, an initiative driven by Riverside Park.


Jinda is a place outside Barberton where 12 orphaned children find solace and acceptance. The centre’s prime function is the care and placement of Aids orphans in a stable and loving family environment.


It has been involved with feeding, caring and placing orphaned children with foster mothers for the last 33 years. There are currently 12 houses with a capacity of four to six children and one mother in each.


According to Lynda Bakker. who is closely involved with the centre’s activities, these mothers have carefully been selected and screened by a registered and qualified social worker.


Jinda also hosts a day care as well as a preschool centre, which according to Bakker, play a fundamental part in children’s lives. “The school teaches basic reading and writing skills, making their transition to primary school easier and less tumultuous. Equally important, they also learn to have fun.”


Bakker and her husband, Peter, whose parents were also the founders of Jinda, expressed their gratitude for the generous donation of R8 000 by Riverside Park. “It is through donations such as these that we are able to expand our care and increase our ability to make a difference in our community. Riverside Park is setting a great example for all corporates and we would like to thank everyone who supported the great cause. As the African proverb states, “It takes a village (community) to raise a child,” the Bakkers concluded. If anyone would like to get in touch with Jinda, Lynda Bakker can be contacted on 084-622-5474.


Five things Jinda is in need of:
• Clothes
• Books
• Toys
• Old furniture
• Toiletries.

Article source: http://lowvelder.co.za/268175/jinda-donation/


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