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Monday, 02 February 2015 08:50

New Municipal Office in Riverside Park Unveiled

At an exclusive event held in Riverside Park today, MECs, Mbombela Municipal dignitaries and the mayor, Cllr S.P Mathonsi, had the privilege of officially opening this state-of-the-art facility.


mbombela-new-office-1-6-2         Mbombela-New-Office-1-5


Before turning the attention to the new offices, the mayor first accepted delivery of the final two garbage removal trucks that forms part of a fleet that was taken into possession by the municipality last year. The two UD trucks were handed over to the council by Gideon Visser, operations director of Seyenza Consultants CC.


The new offices were then formally opened and Cllr Mathonsi took it upon himself to test all the various services by paying his rates and taxes, his water and sanitation bill and also renewing his vehicle’s registration papers.

The new facility will go a long way in making the various municipal functions more efficient and boasts the following advances:

• Open on Saturdays until 13h00
• High level security and permanent camera surveillance
• Automatic electronic queuing system that ensures that you land up at the right counter in the right order.
• Account enquiries desk, 3 cashier desks.
• Pre-paid electricity
• Vehicle licensing and renewal


mbombela-new-office-1-12-2         mbombela-new-office-1-7


The centre also acquired a sophisticated electronic money counting machine through ABSA so that the doors can stay open until 16h00 since there is no need for lengthy cashing up. A full-time accountant will also be at the centre to assist with balancing and staff training.


The centre is linked with the main centre at the civic via telephone and database so it will operate just as effectively with all your information at hand.


Cllr Mathonsi said that he would like to invite members of the public, as well as all the various car dealerships and business people of Riverside Park to make use of this facility. “The idea was to bring accessibility and convenience to the people.”


The new Municipal service centre is situated at The Grove, Riverside Park, in the first complex close to Toys R Us.

Article Courtesy of http://showme.co.za/nelspruit/news/business-news/new-municipal-office-in-riverside-park-unveiled/


mbombela-new-office-1-11-2         mbombela-new-office-1-8






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